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October 21, 2020

Why the Spurs Will win a title with DeRozan sooner than we think


Okay guys, DeRozan is yet to win big time in playoffs game.Other used a word choker, but the truth is he didn’t choke. His teammates didn’t step up when he was doubled, when he pass the ball to a better set up. The lack of help, his talent isn’t on the same level with other superstar but with his determination, he can help the Spurs to secure a title in years to come.

With the young talented guards like Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and Lonie Walker IV with tremendous upside. Put Bryn Forbes who always up to the challenge, with the two picks this year NBA draft. Lamarcus Aldridge weather he signed or not after his contract. The Spurs seems to be alright.

Here are the things why the Spurs gonna be good and a threat.

Golden State Warriors impending free agency of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green. Assuming Durant will not leave Golden State, he will demand a supermax after he gave discount back in a years. Then Thomson and Green will be a free agent in 2020, they are willing to accept the less money? The Warriors will be over the salary cap. Are the warriors risking the money too keep this roster?

Houston Rockets out of cap space, they had been stack with Chris Paul contract extension and he is getting older plus staying healthy.

With the Lakers, giving up assets to get Anthony Davis is too much for the future. Also Lebron James, getting old and on a decline.

Denver are so good but the Spurs almost beat them. To the Blazer, lack of putting a talent around Dame Lillard

As guards like Murray, White and Walker IV when polished, great offensively and defensively. Walker IV isn’t afraid talking long jump shot. Derick White need confidence, and Murray need to level up his playmaking.

Derozan just need to develop and extend his jumpshot or take many threes. Used his athleticism to help team to win. He will be the leader of this young squad. Even Aldridge sign elsewhere the Spurs can replace that talent. They can play in free agency, or with Anthony Davis once yet to be traded.

With team had all pieces the Spurs are ready to contend again.

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