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October 27, 2020

Why the Spurs became an underachiever

Losing eight straight games for the first time in decades. Spurs also worst in the last ten games as they only recorded two wins. Also, they suffered the worst beat down against the Detroit Pistons. They lose as a team that fans are in huge frustrations despite the team improvement in the last offseason. Instead, they are heading to missing the postseason and look for a rebuild. Even DeMar DeRozan had one of the best seasons now. Same with LaMarcus Aldridge who figure out how important his production to the team. The Spurs are still underachiever.

With the refusal of playing together with the Spurs two best squad. Dejounte Murray and Derrick White had limited minutes sharing the court. They share all but five seconds in the game last October to seal the win over Washington Wizards. The two are the best defender and both can play point guards or small guards.

As a team, they had the worst defense in the league. A large part of these things is they had two primary starters who played worst on defense. With Murray and White had to share more on the court this problem will be fixed. It’s hard for the opposing wings to get passed off the lane. The two will be a real deal, can force a turnover and take chances on rotation. Until Popovich can’t work out things, the Spurs will continue to lose.

The next one is signing of Demarre Carroll into a three-year deal and put him on the bench. This man is a glue guy that can help young teams like the Spurs. He signed to get his minutes because he deserves it. Carroll can make an impact on the court. He is not a good scorer anymore but he is still useful defensively which the team badly needs it.

Lastly, the Lonnie Walker IV minutes has yet to fulfill. This kid always shows how good he is when he got his minutes but Popovich’s refusal to put him consistently on the court resulted in Spurs’ defeat. Guys like Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli can shoot well from the arc than him. But Walker is the guy that can put them onto the next level. Relentless attacking the basket made him special.

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