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January 23, 2021

Why the Spurs and Nets are perfect trade partners

The rebuild of the San Antonio Spurs is obvious. They’re going young which they drafted a couple of 19 years old in the most recent 2019 NBA Draft. Prior to that, they picked an 18-year-old Lonnie Walker IV. Then Spurs front office yet to extend DeMar DeRozan who got a player option. With the upcoming draft this August, the Spurs likely to get a top 15 talent in August.

Another veteran that likely to go out is LaMarcus Aldridge which will play on the last season of his guaranteed contract. The desire of the big man to return to Portland is an open book. On his possible final year, Aldridge may be a good piece to be traded to a contender team. The Portland can do an offer but with Zach Collins and Jusuf Nurkic on their way back, they will only low blow the Spurs in a deal. The most realistic team that they can look for is the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are in a winning mode now after this season. When they signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving even with injuries they clearly want to win next season.

Here’s could be the deal looks like.

Brooklyn Nets will receive: LaMarcus Aldridge; 2022 future first-round pick

San Antonio Spurs will receive: Spencer Dinwiddie; Taurean Prince; Jarett Allen

The Nets have been rumored to make a deal with Bradley Beal to form a big three. The Wizard guard is an All NBA talent this season but the Nets will give up their young core with the like of Caris LeVert and for sure some future picks which could be bad in the long term.

Why the Nets will do this trade, Aldridge is the readiest big man with a lot left in the tank. With the former All-Star, they can have another fourth option in scoring down the low which can attract double teams. Scoring, post up, the experience is the things he can give that Allen failed to do. The Nets got DeAndre Jordan to do for his role.

So why they will give up on Spencer Dinwiddie? Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Caris LeVert need touches to be effective. With these three, his role will be diminished. Plus an impending free agency in 2021, they could lose him for nothing. They could have a good run for another big name in free agency even Giannis Antetoukoumnpo after Aldridge’s contract is gone. The future pick could be huge if Spurs miss the playoffs.

The San Antonio Spurs can also make their team more valuable. Without Aldridge, they can give Jakob Poeltl more minutes once they extend him. The big man from Austria proved his worth in limited minutes. He can impact good basketball without the ball on his hands. With a package of Jarrett Allen, this Spurs team could be a league-best defensive team. Either him or Jakob Poeltl will starts, the paint will be safe.

Taurean Prince which the Atlanta Hawks give up on him that very early on his career is such a good steal. This is a 6’7″ forward who can give a tough time to his man. He’s a solid addition as the Spurs need a small forward. With DeRozan likely to get paid in other teams, Prince will occupy the three spots. His underrated offense will add more firepower that fits next to Murray, White, or Walker. A quality mentor for Keldon Johnson also which needs more time for his development.

The biggest takeaway is Spencer Dinwiddie who already been proven how a clutch of a player he is. But why the Spurs need him if they have Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, and Lonnie Walker. A trade chip for a contending team next season. Most teams that want to have a great run will gamble on Dinwiddie. Like of the Bucks who’s been on the pressure to win this year or next. They need a guy who can make them better. The Spurs can get a decent return with a future pick which they could make an asset.

The Nets’ front office came from the San Antonio Spurs. Sean Marks who builds the team will likely help his former employer. Also, some of their development coaches is a former Spur. Tiago Splitter the Spurs starting center in 2015 champion and Jaque Vaughn a Spurs back up in 2007. For the Brooklyn Nets, it’s better to get help from a friend rather than a foe.

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