May 17, 2021

Why the Pistons can’t beat the Spurs even they selected Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony told in a podcast that he will win a title if the Pistons draft after him instead of Darko Milicic. Then Stephen A Smith telling on his show that in 2005, Pistons will beat the Spurs in five or six games. It was a close and tough series with defensive battles through seven games. The Spurs propel on game seven with an 81-74 score with Tim Duncan as Finals MVP.

In 2005, San Antonio Spurs in a mission to regain the crown after a painful loss to the Los Angeles Lakers with a Derek Fisher shot in game five of 2004 playoffs. They had that series on their hand after winning the first two games until they lost their niche. That was the Spurs doing, after losing they are motivated to a bounce-back season.

The Spurs team are on prime, they beat the NBA’s best Phoenix Suns in just five games. Tim Duncan only 29, already had 2 titles and 2 MVP. The Pistons had Wallace’s but Tim Duncan’s intelligence helps them to be successful. The Big fundamental adjusted in the second half of game seven to win. Tony Parker continues to be an All-Star point guard while a long hair Manu Ginobili is threading the defense to score.

With Carmelo Anthony Detroit, a good scorer who needs the ball in his hands to be an effective player. The Pistons offense needs the ball movement to make Rip Hamilton involve or even Billups. The Spurs want an opponent that likes Carmelo Anthony which the ball stays on his hands for 15-2 seconds. Tim Duncan is a first all-defense team who will wait in the paint once Anthony gets past Bruce Bowen. The Spurs will wait for him to make bad decisions and capitalize on a mistake.

Instead of an effective Chauncey Billups, he will settle to be a spot-up shooter same with Hamilton which is not his range. Anthony is also a bad defender which Bruce Bowen will expose him. The Spurs had a hard time breaking that elite Detroit defense. Manu and Tony will take advantage of that single weakness which could lead to a double-teaming and wide-open three for San Antonio.

Detroit is a team that committed to the defense which Anthony isn’t fit.

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