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October 30, 2020

Why the NBA needs to stand up against China

That Daryl Morey pro-Hongkong tweet triggered everybody. China thinks it’s not fair for them. So they canceled NBA Games of Houston Rockets, endorsement and other scheduled preseason games. Others are worried about this and James Harden issued an apology.

While the NBA commissioner didn’t issue an apology that supported by Gregg Popovich. It’s a statement for China that they can’t buy all of us. The HongKong protest or Anti Extradition Law Amendments Bill Movements want freedom. To rule their own country with their own leaders. They want to serve justice on their own people. It’s different for what China wants that they had the authority for a criminal case that happened in HongKong.

They are bully, they bullied small countries they put on a debt trap. Here in the Philippines, they’re claiming the islands that they owned it. Their basis is a historic map from their ancestors and it’s baseless. The United Nations already declared that these islands were owned by us. According to the 200 nautical coastal zones, the Philippines had the right to the West Philippine Sea it’s very near to one of the Philippine provinces. Because of the lapdog president and corrupt officials they still in the position with these islands. They didn’t agree with UNCLOS’s decision they keep insisting by promising Philippine public officials the more loans with high interest than other countries who willing to help us. They bullied our fishermen in our own territory. They put a man-made island for their military activity.

The NBA had little setback financially if China keeps on insisting on what they want. But this is the NBA the most popular sport in the world. They reach in every place with their basketball without borders programs. India is a big population starting to love basketball. With the first game, they hosted basketball between the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers where people are chanting NBA, NBA. They filled the gym with more than 4000 spectators.

It’s right for the NBA to make a stand about the freedom of HongKong. The NBA Cares was useless if they keep following China. The people there really loved NBA basketball but they’d controlled by a communist. It’s right for the best league in sports to be a model of what is right. Even sacrificing billion dollars of revenue.

Freedom is the most important for all of us. China will keep on paying people just to make sure we shut up and it isn’t right.

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