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October 22, 2020

Why the Clippers will be underachiever this season

Dubbed as the biggest winner of the offseason after-acquired Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Two of the best two players in the league. Leonard was the Finals MVP twice and Paul George was an MVP candidate. The team already had a roster who give the Warriors a hell of a run in the last playoff.

The media hype the Clippers to win it all. But there are some issues that they don’t like a contender and aren’t enough to win. As they don’t have a playmaker in their roster. Patrick Beverly is a defensive point guard, Lou Williams is a shoot-first guard. They need a pass-first to set up Kawhi and Paul George.

Paul George misses a significant amount of games a Thunder. They are one of the top teams in the West until they slide down. As reported he will miss games when the season starts because of a shoulder injury.

Then Kawhi Leonard also had an injury and load management issue. Then it looks like his weakness will be exposed. His last championship was a “thank you injury”. If you look at his game carefully, he can’t close out the game on his own. He can score consecutive points but he flops in big moments.

The Warriors had an injury on Durant before the series starts but the Raptors wait for Thompson injury. Then close out the series in game six. We look at him as a bonafide winner but he is not a leader who can take the franchise to be a winner.

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