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December 5, 2020

Why the Bleacher Report is right about Matt Bonner as the second-best big man shooter in history

Back in the summer of 2006, San Antonio Spurs are looking for another big man to complement Tim Duncan’s game. So they shipped out Rasho Nesterovic to the Toronto Raptors for Matt Bonner. The big man is a great shooter who gives spacing to Tim’s game. As he ranks second being the best shooting big man in the league. Although his first championship didn’t make a noise, the second one is underrated on which he’s a big part.

Matt Bonner back on his career he shoots 41% from the arc on his 12-year run. Lead the league in three-point percentage back in 2011 at 46%, only made below 40% thrice. Bonner made 797 career three on his 12 seasons in the association. With the Spurs, Bonner made 656 as he ranks fourth in made played only for 632 games. He’s been a big part of Spurs’ success especially from 2009-2012 ran which included a Western Conference Finals run. The awkwardness form of his shot didn’t bother Bonner’s ability to put the ball on the hole.

From the past, the Spurs need to pound the ball inside to bleed for a point. When Bonner arrived, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili had another target that can shoot efficiently from the three while Duncan works freely inside. With Bonner on the court, the Spurs was a double-digit better and made to single-digit once off the court. Unlike other shooters, Bonner contributes more than his shooting. He’s a good passer or a high IQ basketball guy who takes advantage of every situation. The Red Mamba isn’t forcing the issue and the willingness to put the ball on the floor makes him special.

Matt Bonner who has some moments with Kevin Garnett back on his Toronto Raptors days also brings a locker room presence. He always does the damage when on the court. When Popovich needs to adjust because of opposition athletic bigs, Bonner having a good role in these situations.

The Bleacher Report also ranks Danny Ferry and Davis Bertans as the top big man shooters.

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