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October 21, 2020

Why the big man from the Philippines likely to get an NBA career

A 7-foot giant from the islands of the Philippines made a decision to skip college and joined the NBA G League. With this decision the G League president Shariff Abdur Rahim a former Grizzlies player praised the work ethic of the kid. As he quoted, Kai Sotto learned faster than people think. As he improves the strength of his game and works for every weakness.

Many Filipinos tried their luck to play in the league as they failed to belong. Guys like Japeth Aguilar and Ray Parks had their feet in G League. Kobe Paras played for two NCAA teams in college but failed to get the minutes he desired. While Ravena didn’t get his luck.

Kai Sotto is likely to get a different path which is a good one. It’s not only because of his size, but he’s a skilled big man. Japeth Aguilar is a big man but he’s too thin and doesn’t have a developed mid-range which he could use as an advantage. Sotto doesn’t have enough strength to push his man in the paint which he needs to work for more. But it’s likely he can get it with a lot of time working ahead. Proper footwork to improve his defensive presence. The big man kid is very mobile as he runs in transition offense and defense which few big men can do. He got a proper timing to block shots using his length. Even in a single game as the high school sensation Jalen Green posterized him twice he doesn’t care. That was an attitude of a big man, never get intimidated by somebody whoever they are.

Offensively, he got a soft touch from the midrange. With good guidance and training program in Atlanta together with the “Rifleman” Chuck Person. A guy who had a record of 3 points made in a season with the San Antonio Spurs until Manu Ginobili broke it. That’s why Sotto has a good lefty release form as it means he learned quickly. Another good one is he can beat his man off the dribble. He’s not forcing anything to make a shot. Sotto also got a post up game but as we mentioned above he needs to put some weight to dominate his man from the paint. Once he did it, Sotto can also give more opportunities for his team with the offensive rebounds.

Why he’s also been favored to be in the best league of the world? His passing is exceptional! That’s the thing Parks, Paras, and Ravena failed to develop. A good basketball player doesn’t need more touches to be effective. In one of his highlights, Sotto made a touch pass after a rebound which is a remarkable job for his young age. As every team loves to have a big passing big man. With his size, from the post, he can find open teammates when double teams or the defense collapse at him.

With the right attitude of hard work and perseverance, Kai Sotto can make history for his people. It’s easier said than done but the package is with the kid.

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