April 18, 2021

Why Rudy Gay will be a Spur Again


Let me straight with you guys, the only thing Rudy Gay will not be a Spurs next season if other teams offer him a lot of money. The Spurs can’t match any of that as they are limited to cap space. Aside from this, no other things bother him. The reason why he will stay.

To play with the greatest coach is an accomplishment, with the great culture. As per Pop ” we hope we can figure it out for him to came back here”. Gay was an X factor, he can start on any other team but choose to came back with the Spurs to play off the bench. He had best defensive rating per 100 possession according to Reference Basketball, the Spurs are 2 points better when he is on the court.

With his erruption on Game 6 and take over in Game 7 made him a valuable with the team. With his experienced with the Spurs, in two years to be exact he already know how to take advantage of everything. Already ajusted to Popovich system of basketball knowledge.

Young and exciting good players are coming back the Spurs will win again, that’s why Gay will be back. With healthy line up, chemistry much improve and translate to winning. Then they had another playoff run.

I mean their is a lot of team that he can play and win but only the Spurs can contend sooner. Young guns mixed with veterans will for sure give you an excitement.Gay leading the bench as a Spurs third best player, will prove and came back to Spurs next season.

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