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October 23, 2020

Why Preston Ellis of Bleacher Report is wrong about the Spurs

With his recent article, Preston Ellis believes the Spurs are one of the most disappointing teams. Together with the list are Boston Celtics, two Los Angeles teams and the Brooklyn Nets.

While the Nets will be a disappointment after making a splash in free agency with the signing of Irving and Durant. The services of Durant are still not available until next season and Irving yet to prove as a leader.

Preston Ellis highlights the defense as the Spurs was in the bottom ten last season. But they had injuries last year with Derrick White miss a significant amount of games. The best perimeter defender for the Spurs. With the return of Dejounte Murray, the youngest All-Defensive team winner will boost the defense. Acquiring Demarre Carroll will help the team. With LaMarcus Aldridge focus protecting the rim together with Jakob Poeltl who will take a huge leap this season.

With these movements, the defense will be on top of the league once again.


Another reason was losing Davis Bertans who shoots 42% of his three last season. The Spurs had a little spacing problem here. But with the improvement of the defense, they will play the passing lane. That can lead to transition points. Why do think of three as a problem? If they can get inside the paint or with the strength of every player.

With Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli on fire in the last FIBA World Cup. The team is expecting them to carry on that momentum in Spurs uniform. Also with Carroll who can stretch the floor for San Antonio.

Even the Western Conference had the deepest team. The Spurs had an advantage on chemistry issues, health and depth of the bench. These things played a big part as the season getting longer. Key players getting injured, the Spurs had no injury updates, unlike the last two years.

The Lakers had an injury with Demarcus Cousin. Anthony Davis had a history of it, LeBron James getting older. Paul George will miss early games with the Clippers. Can still Kawhi Leonard sits for more load management.

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