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October 21, 2020

Why Pop endorsed the last game against Mavs for us to watch

The last time Gregg Popovich speaks fo the media he quoted to watch the Spurs last game against Dallas Mavericks. As the Spurs win 119- 109 an impressive display for San Antonio who avoided getting swept in the season series. These two teams could be a great rival as they did in the past with Duncan against the Dirk era. The Dallas had Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis while the Spurs had a group of young guys with a lot of potentials. Oh, forget the Rockets they’re going to be one of the worst in 2 years until they broke up.

The last game could be a great preview of the future. Shows that Spurs can match up the Mavs well if they were healthy. The young guys lead by Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Lonnie Walker IV, and Keldon Johnson is in front of the Slovenian sensation. Whoever with these four will guard him will give the Spurs in advantage.

Rookie Keldon Johnson looks special. The denied he made with Doncic shows he can do more with more minutes in the future. His hustle, working on boards makes him ahead of other young players in the league. As we said, late is better than never.

If the Spurs can find any good bigs either in the draft or free agency they can be a good playoff contender. There’s a lot of young teams in the league who can be better in the future but the Spurs is different among them who committed playing excellently defensively. A rotation of Murray, White, Lonnie or Keldon with Jakob makes them a dangerous combination. Another year of improvements could help them to be more competitive. In case the Spurs will miss the playoffs, a lottery pick is coming. Plus a good motivation for this squad to prove their worth.

With a proper veteran who can be a good locker room can make a huge difference.

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