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October 27, 2020

Why Lonnie Walker IV will be a future All-Star

The Spurs front office saw something special with Lonnie Walker IV. RC Buford the general manager at that time said that they are planning for a trade to move up to pick him in the draft. Luckily for the Spurs Walker draft stock went down because of his injury.

Lonnie and DeRozan had almost the same skills using midrange to score. Walker had the potential to be a top two way player with his defensive instinct. So the ceiling for him is much higher than the former All-Star. While DeRozan is a great dunker, Walker had the same athleticism.
If he can get his minutes the way fans want him to play more. He had this potential to be an All-Star and one of the formidable players. His offensive games look so smooth.

Lonnie Walker IV using midrange as his bread and butter for his points. He is excellent using a screen and dribbles near the basket then takes a pull-up jumper. Walker was a good shooter that take advantage of it. His favorite spot is in the free-throw line.

His three point shot is improving if he gets better with this. It makes him the most unguardable. He doesn’t afraid to take the three-point shot even come off the dribble. That was huge confidence for a young player.

His drive to the basket was lethal. Using athleticism he can change his shot on the air. He developed to put himself in position to score if he went to the rim. Walker had a quick first step against his man.

Lonnie is a highly intelligent basketball player. After getting a rebound or stealing the ball he keeps pushing the ball in transition. This is the best time to score because the defense is yet to set up.

The most important thing to score is when you keep on moving. Without the ball on hand, he can create separation with his man to score for a layup.

Lonnie Walker IV’s passing skill was so underrated. He knows where his teammate’s position. Using his offensive skills he takes advantage of when to make a perfect pass that leads to a bucket. He also a good court vision in the transition to make a long pass like a quarterback.

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