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October 27, 2020

Why it’s right for the Spurs to secure DeRozan


This July Demar DeRozan is eligible for an extension. As a center piece on last year trade, it’s likely that the Spurs will offer him. With his first season, he improved as a primary playmaker for the team. He is a first Spur to average 20,5,5 in a single season.

With the young guys that will sorround him, they need a leader to develop to a much better player. Experienced can make a player better every game.

With the impending free agency, the Spurs won’t move too much. Player movements in West had direct effect with the Spurs. The Warriors had two free agents this year that will command money. Durant and Thompson, although the Warriors proved that they beat the Rockets without Durant. But i doubt this in a long term. The two of them can stay if Warriors willing to pay a luxury tax. With such as like of Looney and Bell will be a free agent also this year. Then another thing that Draymond Green next year will also command max money.

If the Warriors will break their roster, without a deep bench. Any team can catch them.

The Rockets on the other hand invest too much on Harden and Paul. With another flop this year, how can they find another key player to fit with their iso heavy oriented game.

Oklahoma City Thunder don’t had any cap space in the next three years. Unless they move one of their player with heavy contract.

Only the Nuggets, Clippers and Lakers had a good cap space. But the Lakers had 34 year old LeBron James. The Nuggets need to decide with Paul Millsap contract. Then we can’t say about the Clippers until who will sign with them and how they can fit with each other.

With other teams fixing their problem the Spurs improving. Dejounte, already fixing his jumpshot and DeRozan shooting 38% of his three. Lonnie Walker IV and Derrick White leading the bench. Also they can find another piece to help them.

That’s why the Spurs secure the future of their player. With internal development they can compete. Being in a small market, they are not really hoping in free agency. As they took a lot of time scounting future player.

With DeRozan we doubt his success, but we didn’t give him a chance. As how he take the pressure with the team. I love that kind of character with him, when he got called for a technical foul in Game Four.

The way he played in Game Seven againts the Nuggets. Pop thinking this is my new guy, he is not that good with the one who gave up on us but we’ll fine with him.

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