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October 25, 2020

Why do we need to keep believing on our Spurs

The most successful franchise in the NBA suffered the worst defeat of the season and fall to 5-4. They started badly which cost them the game, they aren’t aggressive right from the tip-off. They had a horrible effort that been outmatched by any Celtics. LaMarcus Aldridge had another worst game so far. The Spurs looks midget against the team that players coached by Popovich last summer. The defense didn’t work out as they allowed 135 points.

As fans, we need to believe with the San Antonio Spurs. It’s just one game we can’t win them all although we’d seen the bad body language from some of our Spurs players. They still a Spur who played for us for the city of San Antonio. These guys sacrifice themselves to make this team better now and the future comes.

With the superstars now teaming up with each other to compete for each title. San Antonio continues to make their own fate. They control everything by drafting guys who fit with the culture. The front office paid guys who will help them win in playoffs and give young guys some hunger. They never obsessed with breaking up to sign a superstar then become an underachiever later.

They keep playing better until it becomes best. Look at the Golden State Warriors their season ruined by injury with their big three. They will become a first-team to pay the luxury tax to miss a playoff if they keep on losing. The Lakers are winning but LeBron James is 35 and Anthony Davis yet to prove with a full season healthy. While the Clippers are hype with two great players on their prime, teams haven’t figure them out how to beat.

The Spurs still in the right direction. We can’t judge their future for just one game. Our Spurs veterans are just a bridge to make the young ready to compete with or without Pop. Maybe some of you were influenced by the media that the team can only win if they had superstars. We forgot that Spurs made Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili superstar at their own definition.

Don’t frustrate yourself for losing one game. We had a better future more than what the media thinks. Myself, and some of you here which the Spurs is an obsession. Know that the time will come to be a contender again. I had to believe for my team that I’ve been watching for 18 years. Yes, I didn’t watch any of them personally cause I’m from the Philippines. But the faith to be on top again never change never faded whoever in Spurs uniform.

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