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January 23, 2021

I love basketball, real basketball where the big boy rules. On which they are fighting for every screen. The big guy’s dominating the game. That’s why I’m a Tim Duncan fan. Nobody can replace in my heart Tim did on the court. But sometimes I feel like point guards are the one who made it beautiful. So I’m having fun watching them doing it. Dancing with the big guys on a switch.

These are the point guards who made a name for themselves.

Jason Kidd

My favorite point guard of all time. Played with the tough era. Yes, the 90s and early 2010 was the toughest. When he played with the Nets he’s throwing alley-oop to KMart, RJ, and Vince Carter. Behind the back pass in transition. Kidd can find any way to create points. He’s not a good shooter from the arc but he can score in a variety of ways. Plus he is one of the clutches point guard. Who can forget the game-winning shot against the Pistons in 2003 to reach the Finals?

Tony Parker

The Spurs point guard was so quick and so good. He faced the best in his era and best them all. Parker uses quickness to drive to the lane. He is the one invented the teardrop. A big man like Shaquille can’t block when Parker does it. Among point guards of his era, I had no idea how he can’t be on top.

Steve Nash

How can’t you love this point guard who played with a broken nose? He is one of the toughest in the list. Even he doesn’t win a title, he is fun to watch. The passes he made from nowhere. Blind pass, the pick and roll or pop with Amare is unstoppable. If he had superteams like a common of this day he can win. No doubt.

Deron Williams

With Utah Jazz, he made the team an automatic playoff contender. Only Carlos Boozer his All-Star teammates but they had some good run in the West. As they reached West Finals for the first after nine years. Williams had a good crossover, can light up from outside anytime. The injury just ruined his career.

Dame Lillard

Two shot in playoffs both game-winners, both clinch the series. As he said he don’t want to join superteams. Dame is a few of that guy that had toughness in pride. He wants to compete and best the best out of there. If Stephen Curry didn’t have Durant on his last three years, Dame can comes closer to him.

John Wall

My favorite after Jason Kidd, Wall was the fastest and athletic point guard. How he sliced the defense to create opportunities to others is unmatched. Before the injury, he made the Wizards to a playoff with that underrated teammates. John Wall was a winner who played well in the playoffs. The last time they had in playoffs is giving opponents a tough one.

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