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October 23, 2020

Why did the Spurs bring Luka Samanic earlier than they usually do

The Spurs picked him earlier than people might think, even Luka Samanic worth first-round pick pundits think he should be in the late or earlier in the second round. Instead, Spurs didn’t take a chance to snag him at 19. The most surprising is they bring him in the United States instead of giving him a couple of years in Europe honing his skills. San Antonio Spurs had a history of the draft and stash, which European prospects been in Euroleague.

Luka Samanic is different, a young big kid who still years away to play at the NBA level. The Spurs saw potential from him that they can’t pass. In G League, he’s doing well playing with big bodies. This league is much better training facilities rather than playing in Europe. It could help Luka Samanic to boost the level of competition. Four years of playing in Europe could make 2 in the NBA G League.

A 6’9 guys who can defend, shoots, dribble and pass the ball on the next level. Spurs Luka is doing all these things. In modern basketball, we can count big men who committed to play on defense. They don’t care as long as they can drop 20 per game. Tall Luka can beat his man from outside by being a spot-up shooter which his range. He’s been a good ball handler too and got quickness at his size. In his lone NBA game, he posted up his man and beautifully find his cutting teammates for a dunk. Better to visualize a young Kevin Durant four years from now.

With the Spurs likely to guarantee Trey Lyles contract next season. With LaMarcus Aldridge still got one more year, the Jakob Poeltl likely to make an extension Samanic need another year in G League. He’s on the exact timeline with the guys like White, Murray, and Lonnie. Derrick White is the oldest only 26 years old, while Samanic only 20.

The Spurs bring him just to personally witnessed his development. Spurs don’t want to waste a talent that could help them for more years in the future. Spurs development program is second to none. It was tested and proven for many years. We are too annoyed when we found out Brandon Clarke is balling in Memphis Grizzlies. Mock Draft pointing Spurs to select Clarke. But the guy already 24, imagine Samanic potential in 23 years old. What he can do for the Spurs with proper training.

With hard work on his game, Samanic can dominate the game. The Spurs is just right to put him on the G League until his time in San Antonio arrives.

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