September 27, 2021

Who’s a perfect prospect for Spurs: Vassell or Nesmith?

The San Antonio Spurs will try to add good pieces in the upcoming draft to improve the current roster. With some draft experts label, these current prospects aren’t great in terms of talent. While San Antonio Spurs doesn’t care about the depth chart they had their own prospects. They reportedly sent a scout in Europe last year to look for the development of Deni Advija. At 11th, it’s a huge improvement of talent compare to some late picks of first rounds that they’re doing in two decades.

The franchise had some weakness in a certain position and one of the most intriguing college players is Devin Vassell of Florida State University and Aaron Nesmith of Vanderbilt. Either two can fall to the Spurs selection. But let’s talk who’s a better prospect among the two of them.

First, Devin Vassell a guard-forward from FSU who keeps on improving offensively. His bread and butter is a defense which addresses the Spurs need. Although the team had the talent on defense individually they failed to do it as a team in the recent season. Devin Vassell could be a log jam in the guard position but if the Spurs continue to change on their own version of small ball, it could be a perfect fit. This kid is only 20 when he gets his NBA debut. A perfect spot up and pin down shooters from the three converts 42%. His high release is extraordinary. Vassell a great defender one on one which also doing good as a help defender. Got a quickness to recover from miss assignments. The prospect had a length to block shots around the rim. Devin Vassell also chasing open guys from the arc to disrupt or block their shots. The passing lane could be dangerous if the Spurs add Vassell to the current team. It could lead to more transition points.

As young prospects, he could do some mistakes which are needed some works. Dribbling is much needed to be addressed so he can create more often for himself. He usually takes one to three dribbles which are limited to create separation. That’s why he only average 13 points in his second year. Without dribbling it’s hard to go to the line. Vassell also needs to gain weight to be versatile defensively on the switch against big wings.

The next prospect is Aaron Nesmith a sophomore from Vanderbilt. A perfect scorer who can do efficiently. In college, he scored 23 points per game at 51% from the field and 52% from the arc with more than 8 tries per game. Wow! Aaron Nesmith had a variety of moves on how to put the ball in the bucket. San Antonio has a lot of slashers who attract the help defenders that could lead to leaving somebody open. Already at 6’7″ that height advantage was huge. Only at 21 the ceiling offensively is great with a great work ethic. Imagine DeMar DeRozan got somebody to shoot the ball once he attacked the rim if someone helps to stop him. A huge upgrade over Derrick White or Dejounte Murray from shooting from the three.

The defense is Aaron Nesmith’s weakness, imagine the Spurs with Bryn Forbes. But the good thing is he’s a 6’7″ who’s also young that Spurs perimeter can help out. Also, he’s really not a good passer but it seems like DeRozan’s game before he came to San Antonio.

Both prospects are perfect but likely Devin Vassell had the edge in terms of needs and long-term projects.

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