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October 27, 2020

Spurs look good with White and Murray to play together

The duo of Dejounte Murray and Derrick White is yet to play huge minutes together. But in the final play Pop inserted Murray for defense purposes against the Wizard and he responded well when he tried to stop Brandley Beal after passing his man Rudy Gay. Murray help defense in the lane delayed Beal elevation and Derrick White swat the ball in the air. Then the clocks expired and Spurs win another close game.

Dejounte Murray had restrictions on his minutes. He just played 23 against the Wizards and 24 versus Knicks previously. With him on the floor, the Spurs is 28 points better with the defensive rating of 100 per 100 possession. He is a distraction in the passing lane with his length. His awareness on defense makes him the most valuable Spurs as of these moments. On offense, he is so efficient shooting more than 50% from the field where he picks his perfect spot to contribute. He is not forcing his shot with his midrange is yet to perfect. Murray also who played well on defensive boards, no he ain’t Russell Westbrook version who love stats.

While Derrick White yet to get his offensive game into a flow he helps his team win. He leads the second unit to keep the team in balance. Leading the defense with a 114 rating which can be explained because he played together with Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli. White already had a lot of defensive game winners the most popular was against the Jammal Murray in playoffs last April. His offense is slowly back in a rhythm where he struggled in the preseason games.

The Spurs had more confidence this time with Dejounte Murray leading them. They had the two best defensive duos who can play elite defense and above-average offense. If these two continue to fit with each other they can put the Spurs in a better position to succeed.

Imagine if Dejounte Murray had to increase his workload, then Pop can figure out how to share the two together more in the court. These two can guard three positions from the perimeter while the Spurs had an underrated big man of LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl. The more of them can play together means a nightmare with the opposing team’s backcourt tandem. More transition points will be score as they love to run the ball when had good looks. Murray had an offensive rating of 128 and 126 for Derrick White. They can create more opportunities for others as the two of them is a good playmaker. While DeRozan can maximize himself on offense when he task to guard the less offensive threat on the floor even playing a small forward. As the three of them fit to each other which they can play off the ball. The offensive flow had many options not relying too much on Aldridge post up and DeRozan midrange.

The best of the Spurs are yet to come with these two games. Ahead of their schedule the challenges with the electrifying offense of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, also the former Spur Kawhi Leonard when facing the Clippers. The highly anticipated match up with the LeBron James Lakers. These Spurs guard will have a great test early as they need to play on the next level in order to win and to be on top.

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