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October 26, 2020

Which Spurs Title run is the Toughest

Five titles for the Spurs all with the duo of Duncan and Pop. With different roster in every run, a mix of veterans and young players. The first is with David Robinson the man who kept Spurs in San Antonio. Four of this is with the Big Three.

We ranked every championship run thru the quality of roster and opponents.

5. 2007

The easiest to pick among five of it. Starting five was composed of Parker, Finley, Bowen, Duncan, and Oberto. The team just came back with the vengeance as they had unfinished business in 2006. Ginobili coming off the bench along with Brent Barry, Horry, Elson and others who contributed their part.

Although they lost in Game One of the first round against the Nuggets. Which led by the duo of Iverson and Anthony. They don’t find any problem in the next four games. The toughest test was in the second round. Who led by back to back MVP Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire. Every game is hard-fought, very physical. Where Steve Nash had a broken nose in game one. Game four was a tough one where Horry made a hard foul over Nash. The Spurs win the series in six games.

The next round they easily dispatch the Utah Jazz after beaten the Warriors who upset the first seeded Mavericks. In the Finals who led by LeBron James, they easily takedown. The game is not that close, unlike the scores shows. Spurs swept the Cavs who Tony Parker was too fast to stop. Parker was named Finals MVP the first European.

4. 2014

They want to settle everything from day one of training camp. The main motivation is to get back in the Finals. The first round went thru game seven until they figure it out. This the deepest team they had in years. Boris Diaw was the game changer as a playmaker down low. Marco Belinelli and Patty Mills with Danny Green looks unstoppable in making threes. This is the largest defeat of any team in the Finals. Kawhi Leonard named Finals MVP the third-youngest after Magic Johnson and Duncan.

3. 1999

The first is always the tough one. Duncan on his second year with David Robinson. Avery Johnson was a great leader along with Mario Elie. Sean Elliot and Jaren Jackson a steady shooter for the team. This team was full of veterans with Steve Kerr and Jerome Kersey.

Facing the Minnesota Timberwolves a fiery and tough one. They played too physical who led by Garnett. After the Spurs disposed of them in four games. The Lakers are waiting with them. The young and primed duo of Shaq and Kobe. But Tim Duncan is ready to them and swept the series.

The West Finals against the Blazers was so tough to watch. Until Sean Elliot made the Memorial Miracle shot. The Portland never recovered and lost the series via swept. The Knicks who is the first eight-seeded to reach the Finals. Every game was so closed that no one knows the result until the final buzzer. Even Game five they need a clutch of Johnson and a stop to take the first title. Duncan was an unstoppable force in the middle named FMVP.

2. 2003

The second title was a great run. With David Robinson retiring after the season. This is Duncan second MVP season. Spurs roster with young Tony Parker and rookie Manu Ginobili. They really need Steve Kerr and Stephen Jackson to finished the Mavericks in West Finals. They need the excellency of Tim Duncan to stop the Lakers dynasty.

In the Finals, Duncan had a performance that nobody achieves. A quadruple-double to finished the game six. He punished every defender from Kenyon Martin, Collins and Mutombo.

  1. 2005

It was the toughest run for San Antonio. With the Big Three starting to make names to the league. With steady veterans of Horry, Bowen, and Brown. The addition of Brent Barry and Nazr Mohammed. Young Nuggets with Carmelo Anthony was tough to beat.

Seattle Sonics challenge them who need Duncan clutch in game six. Both teams won the first two home games. Spurs need to survive a scary fall of Duncan in game six. The Spurs just only figured it out in last second. The next round they topped the first seeded Phoenix in just five games.

Defending champion Detroit Pistons was a formidable opponent. They are the best defensive team, from Rasheed and Ben Wallace, Billups, Prince and Hamilton. The Spurs need the heroics of Robert Horry in Game five. Pistons push them in seven games. The aggressive Duncan and phenomenal Manu to win the series. They need Bowen to limit Billups in the final quarter.

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