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October 23, 2020

Which Spurs Legend Signature Move is the Most Unstoppable

Every athlete will be remembered by what they did on or off the court. Either it’s good or bad, winning or losing. Others by injury who their career was threatened. On the court, we will remember them as what is the best shot they did. Sometimes is about their trademark shot or move. Jordan and Kobe had fade away, Jabbar is hook shot and Dirk is one-legged fade away.

Spurs big three legends had their one signature moves. They use this to score a bucket. The three of them can’t be stopped when they do this. But who’s move is better among the three? Let’s have a break down.

Tony Parker the teardrop

Parker started his career in 2001 where the big guy like Shaq, December, and others rules the paint. A kid who doesn’t have a range relies on his quickness alone. Then in 2003, he started to invent the teardrop. It is his bread and butter either on transition or after making a separation. Mostly he uses teardrop over the athletic big like Kenyon Martin and Shaquille O’neal. Parker perfectly mastered it especially when he can’t find an opening. He releases it too high to avoid blocks. Parker had his own timing on how high he will throw the ball.

Manu Ginobili Euro Step

The most popular in the current NBA. Manu popularized this move early on his career. In every transition point, Manu made it special. He avoids the defender on his front by faking which side he is going. Euro step also avoids calling for a charge. This will make your guard not balanced as he can’t set himself which direction he is using.

Tim Duncan Bank Shot

This is the most simple move as we know. Using a bank shot most often is what those not really had confidence in their outside shot. Duncan’s power move posts up, but sometimes when he faced up. He looks at the rim if he can take a simple bank shot if open. The chance of getting points is likable. Nobody had figured it out how to block the shot even they know this is coming.

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