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October 24, 2020

What is the best for the Spurs: Tanking or Playoffs?

With the San Antonio Spurs are now on ninth seed and just down one game on eight spots. Which one you must prefer to tank or compete for the playoffs?

The best thing they could get from tanking is the asset they can add from their current young roster. Trading veterans means they can lose more games that can take them to the lottery. The lottery is a chance to get the best pick that can help your franchise. The first you can select the better the player you pick.

If the Spurs can trade guys to playoff-bound teams who need depth in scoring. They can look for a pick or young guys who the Spurs can use to develop. Multiple first rounds pick much better for San Antonio. The rookies who playing in NBA G League can play against the big guys league.

The Spurs are so good that they only show in the lottery just once since 1997, to pick Tim Duncan. All they do is to put a team behind him that pick from the last part of the first round or second-rounder. They stay in the league even the big name from the free agency doesn’t like San Antonio. They pick players outside of the United States and develop their talent overseas. If history is on the Spurs sides the better for them to tank now.

The advantage of making a run for the playoff is to keep the young guns competing for the best in the league. A league-record 23rd straight appearance if they can make it. A darkhorse to upset a higher seed with a right matchup. If they can really figure it out until the season ends and make the top eight. San Antonio isn’t a joke as representing the lower seed.

They are now into an identity crisis. Popovich is really stubborn about his rotations sometimes. The team is still with DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge two of the best scorer in the league. They almost upset the second seeds Denver Nuggets last year. The only bad game they had is game five which is a blowout. Game seven is worst but they find a way to make a rally until the final seconds. Other games like games two and four, they had a huge lead until they meltdown and lose it.

This team is much better compared to last year. Getting back Dejounte Murray, a healthier Derrick White and most improved Lonnie Walker IV. These guys can still run the team and help veterans to win. They are good defensively the most important in the playoffs. If things didn’t work out on postseason still a win for the team. Losing can serve a young team the fuel they need in the future. Work hard to keep on better against 29 teams. They can compete against the best in the league.

Learning a lot from it and be better the next time they face. The playoff is a different kind of race. Players get rattles when they’re on their first time. So why not play with that kind of competition. They can improve in this way.

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