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October 23, 2020

When the Man play BIG the Spurs win

The Spurs are back again to a winning column after a back to back defeat, they beat the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder 121- 112. LaMarcus Aldridge started hot early to finished with 39 points in just 23 attempts, together with four assists and six rebounds. It looks like he is looking in shape and take away the rust for the last two games he played. Aldridge works early in the paint to command the Spurs offense even the Thunder stayed close in the first half. The big man wins his battle against Steven Adams and Nerlens Noel. His confidence to take over the game produces a positive result to his teammates as they contribute on a regular basis which moves the Spurs to 5-3.

LaMarcus Aldridge jump shot from 16 to 20 feet was money most of the time he takes it. That’s why the lane makes open most of the time on which Spurs guards take advantage of it. Dejounte Murray and DeMar DeRozan made most of their points in the paint that when they attack Thunder big man hesitated to follow them on the rim for leaving Aldridge open. These are the things Aldridge should do it consistently had confidence in his outside shot and work hard inside the paint. The attention he gets is good enough for his teammates to beat their own man.

It’s just and right for the big man to be a leader of this young squad. Follow by example and the rest will follow. That was Murray and DeRozan did, feed the ball to the big man to make his team better. The two flirted for almost a triple-double. They combined for 33 points, 14 boards and 19 assists with only 5 turnovers. The team had a balanced attack on scoring which Bryn Forbes and Patty Mills also in double figures. The bench played well except for Marco Belinelli.

San Antonio Spurs shot 54.3% from the field which they just made 20 tries of three that nine went in. The Spurs offense believes that the most efficient way to make a basket is inside the arc. The league didn’t focus on these things, they keep getting personnel who can defend the three. While most of them not figuring it out how to defend inside the arc. It was 121 points which 27 came from three and 10 from free throws. There is no other team can do these things than the Spurs. Aldridge had nine made attempts in the paint of his 11 tries.

LaMarcus Aldridge had a game of his life last season also with the same team where he scored a career-high 56 points in a double-overtime win. Being a good teammate is good but being a great leader can help the team achieve more accomplishment. Aldridge is still an underrated big man who can produce and play big like the other big man who gets more attention from the media. The big man is just slowly getting his rhythm early on this season. If the time that they can figure out how to use their strength expect Aldridge to dominate more.

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