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October 30, 2020

What Pop said to Lonnie Walker IV is a start of many to come

Gregg Popovich was known to blast his player’s lack of effort. If his guys made mistakes he let them know verbally even in front of everybody. When reporters asked him about Lonnie Walker IV he answered in a sarcastic way. The second-year guard is rarely seen on the court trough five games. Walker had to work for his game awareness to make him better. The potential is already there, he needs to take advantage of the minutes he gets. Pop is very conservative to give young guys playing time.

In the past Popovich always been on every Spur’s ear. Even you are Tim Duncan, Tony or Manu if you made mistakes he will not shy to embarrass you in front of the camera. Tony Parker was his adopted son receives a handful of these with his duty as a point guard. He said in his speech at Tim Duncan retirement that if you want to be the best under Gregg Popovich you need to give all your best and prepared emotionally and mentally tough.

Lonnie Walker IV is still raw and young. It’s served as a motivation for him to keep better. LaMarcus Aldridge received criticism from Gregg Popovich from his timid play in the West Finals in 2017. Since then Aldridge was a two-time All-Star lead, San Antonio to a playoff appearance. Although they don’t have a good run Aldridge helps the Spurs to stay competitive while developing the future core. Walker should think of a lot of things to motivate himself. This season was a male or break for him. Physically and athletically gifted that can use to be in stardom. He can be in the league having success if he is on the court. The young kid can do that if he gets the trust of Pop. Playing a good way in limited minutes can help him either.

It’s just a start for Lonnie Walker to receive a lot of it from Pop. People understand him that he is still shaking up with his little role in San Antonio. But Pop is Pop, that’s why conservative reporters mad at him for giving one word answer with a long questions asked. Popovich not shy to show his frustrations, but Spurs knows that he is the best with his family in Spurs uniform.

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