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October 27, 2020

What Made Gregg Popovich Special

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Twenty playoffs and a winning season for the San Antonio Spurs coach. Resulted in five titles and three coaches of the year award. He coached one of the greatest player Tim Duncan. The big man let him do his things. Pop was on the same level as Phil Jackson.

Popovich was a special person. He speaks for what he feels. Speak against racial discrimination. Pop not afraid of everything, even he gets fines for sitting his guys. Just to make sure to be healthy comes playoffs time.

It’s special how he put the Spurs in conversation year after year. Even they don’t rely on free agency. Even they are picking on the late first round. It’s special how Popovich made Tony Parker and how he found Manu Ginobili. It was great how he sacrificed George Hill to win another one in 2014. Only Popovich can pick and send it to Europe or G League. With him, he was the only one made undrafted to a contributor.

Gregg Popovich maximizes his players. What he did in Spurs a small market, compares to others. He made the team relevant even without Duncan. Pop was the master of everything. Because of him, the Spurs had a bright future. From Murray to White, Walker, Johnson, and Samanic.

This is the things he was special than others.

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