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October 23, 2020

What if Jason Kidd sign with the Spurs

The top prized free agent in summer of 2003 nearly sign with the Spurs. Jason Kidd made a mutual agreement that he will play with the Spurs. But his wife made his mind change, he wants to live in New Jersey. The point guard was on his prime and led the Nets in back to back NBA Finals both loss.

Back then, Tony Parker is still a young point guard. Who had a great run in the postseason but struggled in game six of 2003 Finals against Kidd. If Kidd sign with the team, the Spurs can survive the Lakers. They won’t lose the series and can win it all. They can be a contender until 2007 until Jason Kidd prime.

The Spurs had a really good bench. Leading by Parker as the sixth man, instead of Ginobili. The Spurs is not gonna down in a series like what Dallas did with the Spurs. Kidd playmaking and top-notch defense are second to none as a point guard. While taking a rest on the bench Parker does the scoring with the second unit. Maybe Popovich finds a way to trade Parker.

If they signed Kidd and keep Parker he can learn a lot from the veteran. The only downside is the development or career of Parker will be never the same. The kid from Paris will demand to be traded. Parker will not happy with this as he shared minutes and just a backup.

So this real hero why Jason Kidd didn’t sign with the team is his wife. If she didn’t demand something, the Spurs can’t compete with Duncan late in his career. The Spurs can win with Kidd but it will not that many like what Tony did. Maybe the Spurs fans watching Parker doing greatness with another team.

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