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October 27, 2020

What if Gregg Popovich Coached the Lakers?

Popovich was one of the most successful coach. They can put him over the top like Phil Jackson or Red Archeubach. Won five titles in six tries, with Tim Duncan. Coached the San Antonio Spurs for two decades and twenty two playoffs appearance.

Pop did this things while not picking in lottery after Tim Duncan. In a small market which superstar refused to play. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili an unknown prospect. Developed to a great players after years of playing in the association. They had a bunch of role player to helped Duncan and company for an ultimate goal.

What if Pop coaching Shaq and Kobe? Maybe they can win more than three they achieved. Pop can maximize Kobe and Shaq. With a good coach who can have a great system. Kobe will last with Shaq, with Pop they’ll let their ego go. Imagine the most dominant guy Shaq playing next to Pop. Plus an addition of free agency which Stars coming here.


If Popovich coached Kobe Bryant the Lakers are the most winningest franchise. They will had the success that the Spurs had. The three time coached of the year can work in any system. He can win many championships in Los Angeles. He can even made better a 34 year old LeBron James. Every year they will pry a big names in free agency. Popovich can maximize his will if he is in a big city.

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Any city who had Pop will be great. That’s why San Antonio is grateful he is satisfied in a small city. Winning and developed young talents. From Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili. To Dejounte Murray, to Derrick White and Lonnie Walker IV. Now to Like Samanic and Kelvin Johnson. Pop give opportunities to Avery Johnson, Bruce Bowen. Even other teams didn’t notice the talent of Danny Green. Pop bring him to the Spurs to start the game in seven years. Signed Gary Neal, Jonathan Simmons and Bryn Forbes.


It’s amazing what Pop did to these guys. This what every other 29th team dreaming of. To had Popovich making a move or calling at their sideline.

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