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October 27, 2020

What benefits the Spurs can get from the NBA suspension

Adam Silver announced that the NBA suspended for atleast 30days after RUdy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell tested positive with coronavirus disease. While Gregg Popovich adviced to the SPurs fans is to watch the last game they had againts the Dallas Mavericks to keep safe. When others making a joke that the playoff streak is still alive after the suspension. The season will likly resume at the third week of the April which the Spurs had 19 games left. Out of four games in playoff hunt, the Spurs can still make the last spot as they have a favourable schedule than the Memphis Grizzlies.

This could be a good favor for the San Antonio Spurs as they got banged up recently. LaMarcus Aldridge just came back after missing five straight games together with Marco Belinelli. Jakob Poeltl still healing with his MRI revealed he need 2-4 weeks rest. Dejounte Murray is the latest casualty with a calf strain which out indefinitely. Also Lonnie Walker IV missed two consecutive games after getting hurt against the Brooklyn Nets.

It means a lot for San Antonio if they will be fully loaded comes in April once they’re focus to get the final spot. Spurs could make a good run for their money for a one final push when fully healthy. The Spurs had one of the deepest team in the league as they added keldon Johnson in the roration in a meaningfull games. The rookie produced beyond expectation whoever he face night in and night out.

In the last five games where the Spurs went to a2-3 record instead of a 4-1 which i think they can achieve. In these games, LaMarcus Aldridge serviced likely missed as they three losses where dominated by opponents front court players. With an extra rest, Aldridge will be fully healed which a good match up over Nikola Jokic that they’re going to face twice. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz which maybe still in question if they can play together with their suprstar Donovan Mitchell. The Spurs already defeated the Jazz twice this season. They will face teams with a winning record 8 times while the Memphis 11 times.

This is the time for them to refocus and regroup despite a down season. To work for what being lack with them during games. With a lot of games left on the table, a healthy Spurs can make a good playoff push and make the race more exciting.

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