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October 24, 2020

Weakness of Spurs Projected Starting Five That needs to Improved

The Spurs recorded a 48 win last season. Enough for seventh best in the conference. Who led by LaMarcus Aldridge and Demar DeRozan. They rely on heavily on midrange offensively. Efficient in three point shooting which they led the league by percentage but dead last in attempts. With the league relying on spacing.

The Spurs starting five aren’t glamorous looks likes others. Aldridge and DeRozan was steady. Murray, White, Forbes, Gay and Poeltl will join them. Defends on which Popovich comfortable and can maximize the roster. Youngs had still weaknesses to work out.

Dejounte Murray, Jumpshot and Turnover

This kid is a proven hardworker which is he won an All Defensive team on just his second year. Murray offensive skills was limited to the paint. His jumpshot still in question, in which they need. It will make for him more dangerous when he can extend a jumper. Then his turnover was too high as a point guard. Maybe understandable as he is just on his second year. If DJ can fixed this things the Spurs can have more opportunity to score. The more time Pop put him on the floor.


Demar DeRozan, Three Point Shooting and Effort on Defense

He don’t need three to score, attacking the lane and free throw his bread and butter. If DeRozan can atleast try making a three it was huge for the team. Also a threat even off the ball. Then defensively he needs an extra effort. Not to get bullied by other small forwards if he still playing the position. Defense is not all about fundamentals but how to fight in screens ans boxing out.


Bryn Forbes, Defensive effort

Offensively Forbes was the most consistent. He improved every year, shooting, point per game and three point. Forbes was the smallest guy and weakest on defense. All he need to do is to double his effort. Put his man to his uncomfortable position to score.


LaMarcus Aldridge, Relying too much on midrange

Actually Aldridge was the Spurs best player now. The only problem for him offensively is taking too much long shot even not falling. The big man need to take his will inside the paint. There’s only few in the league can limit him. When he’s near to the rim, he can score one on one. Attracting double teams he can look for an open man.

Derrick White, Consistency and three point shooting

Popovich found another gem and already contributed. White was perfect for the Spurs system. Need to improve his three point which is only below average. He can bully any guard in the paint one on one. The former first round pick was a defensive specialist that can help the team im a long run. He gained a lot in that playoffs lost. Where he found just an average player from Game 4 to 7.


Rudy Gay, Offensive Consistency

With his off nights in Game 2, 4 and 5 in the playoffs versus the Nuggets. The Spurs lost this games and even the series in Game 7. When Rudy Gay can consistently produce double figures in scoring, Spurs had a chance to win. It can lessen the burden for Aldridge and DeRozan if he’s on the roll.

Jakob Poeltl, Midrange

The big man from Austria was a phenomenal defensively. Blocks, rebounds and screen. Poeltl need to had a midrange on his skills. He relied his points in offensive rebounds and open lay up or in a pick in roll. Midrange games is helpful to him. It can give opening to the lane. Then it’s not easy to his man to leave him on his range.

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