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October 28, 2020

We think of these Spurs mistakes that will prove us wrong in the coming years

Most Spurs fans become critics of how the front office and coaching staff run the team this season. Far from what we’re expecting, the Spurs had the losing season all year long. The team just registered a three-game winning streak twice. Even they’ve been healthy for the first part of the season they failed to impress. Spurs just settled into a 27-36 before the season suspended.

With this disappointing season, there’s a lot of things that must be addressed in the offseason. How to come back into old glory days with the squad Spurs had and most likely changes. People have been keeping on talking about how bad rotation they had.

There are decision making made by Spurs that we think they made mistakes but we’re wrong in the long term run. Here are some of it that will make the team better.

Dejounte Murray’s contract extension

The kid from Seattle tore his ACL in the preseason game against the Houston Rockets. It paused to show his potential in the third year of his career after winning the Second All-Defensive team becoming the youngest in NBA history. After a year of recovery before the season starts, the Spurs awarded him a four-year extension worth 64 million. Dejounte Murray’s job is to replace the Spurs’ greatest point guard Tony Parker. With the Spurs losing games, Murray struggled for some moments in his game. There’s a time that Derrick White starts after him just to distribute the pick in roll perfectly to LaMarcus Aldridge much better. With White outstanding playoff performance, Murray needs to surpass those efforts.

Dejounte Murray turned over the ball too much and his passing games yet to be impressive. Fans started to make doubt in him if he can carry the Spurs. But we don’t understand is Murray just a year away from a major injury. He needs adjustment from his new teammates.

Later in the season, Murray slowly to get his crap. Against the top teams in the West, Murray showed how good he is. A matchup against Chris Paul the veteran point guard proved Murray scored a career-high. Importantly his turnover numbers went down compared to the first quarter of the season. With a guy like DeRozan which isn’t fit his style, his assist numbers are understandable. Murray needs to be only a fourth option on offense. The character he showed in defense makes him special. With a guy like DeMar DeRozan and Bryn Forbes to share on the court, Murray needs to be more than a Captain America on defense. The kid is only 23 years old, he’s been fearless with his shot, no hesitation even it’s one of his weaknesses. Murray only got usage of 24 minutes per game. With better teammates and more minutes expects him to be much better.

Drafting Luka Samanic over Brandon Clarke

With all of us watching the 2019 NBA Draft we all surprised the way Spurs picked Luka Samanic on the 19th of the first round. Pundits believe it’s very early to get high on a raw 19-year-old from Croatia. While Brandon Clarke likely to get an All-Rookie First team as helping the Memphis Grizzlies with a better record than the Spurs. But they had a huge difference, Samanic still young and Clarke is already 24 with doesn’t much have a ceiling but to be a good role player. The Spurs has been scouting big Luka since a teenager. They bring up him to the US quickly to personally witness his development. In NBA G League, he shows how good he is being a scorer, a good passer, running the floor in transition, and blocking shots. In Austin, Samanic can focus more on his game which one needs to improve. In two more years which he’s only 22, he can be a valuable option in Spurs rotation. The Croatian is just right and fits for the Spurs’ future together with the young squad. When he reaches Clarke age, Samanic could be one of the best power forward in the league. It’s rare to see that a 6’9″ can put the ball on the floor with a special eye on his back.

Sending rookies and others to the NBA G League

The Spurs are bad so why don’t we give rookies playing time rather than playing in the G League? The Spurs found success with this system than any teams in the league. In G League, rookies and guys like Metu, Eubanks can be motivated if they’ve seen that NBA player likes Bryn Forbes which is one dimensional, Marco Belinelli taking over instead of them. It’s not like Popovich will say, “Oh yeah, Keldon I think you’re better than him so come in.”

The NBA G League competition is much tougher compared to those tanking teams in the NBA. Those losing teams played for nothing because they knew from the start they’re already lost. They only care if the game is close, they don’t care about defensive mistakes. While in G League, every individual competes to win for the price of having a shot to play in the big league. Every game and possession is important to get ready once their name been called for call ups. They need to be motivated as always and mentally tough when the big moments in the court comes. They dive for loose balls, fighting for screens, helping teammates on the defensive mismatches. Playing minutes need to be earned, not on because ESPN ranks him better than the other one.

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