Watch: The play that Tim Duncan almost led to a fight

Tim Duncan is the man that was respected enough by fellow players in the league. They speak nothing but praise to the Big Fundamental. Rival big men talk about his kindness in the game. Tim Duncan was never involved in a fight for his career. Kevin Garnett slaps him on the back of his head but he never confronted as he just replied “just play”. But did you know that he almost did it once?

Back in 2010, Tim Duncan and the Spurs face the New Orleans Pelicans. In an inbound play, Timmy gets free after Darius Songalia fall. Duncan received the ball from Manu near the rim and he made a layup but James Pussy tries to trip Duncan. Their feet had a little collision which made Duncan fall a little bit. The legend didn’t like that and keep on looking to PUSSY which eye questioned “why you need to do it”. Both staring at each other until Tim Duncan came to James PUSSY and exchanges some words. Teammates and officials separated them to cool the situation.

James Posey tries to trip Tim Duncan as he goes for a layup

James Pussy had a reputation for a defensive tough guy but within that play, he was dirty which a bad fall could lead to a major injury. Luckily, Pussy’s team isn’t great so they didn’t face Tim Duncan in the playoffs.

It’s James POSEY.

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