September 27, 2021

Watch: How creative Boban Majanovic as a Spur

The giant from Serbia was one of the most beloved men in San Antonio and with the Spurs fans around the world. He gives the fans entertainment when he’s on the court. He looks unstoppable near the rim as he doesn’t need to jump to get the ball and dunk it. But another talent he had is passing and he done is pretty amazing.

Boban Marjanovic wants to stay with the city but Pop talks to him that he needs to accept the Pistons money as he signed with the team later. Then he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers with Tobias Harris for the exchange of Blake Griffin. In the midseason, he traded again to the Sixers. Then signed with the rival Dallas Mavericks the last offseason.

Maybe he is not a Spur but he is always a Spur in fans heart all over the world.

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