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November 26, 2020

Watch: A wild game in Miami which the Heat past the Sixers

Within two minutes of the regulation, the Sixers had a five-point lead. But they failed to protect the ball and cost them the game. The Sixers lead 106-104 with less than 20 seconds. Tobias Harris had a chance to seal the game but missed a dunk but Joel Embiid grabbed the long rebound. The Heat went for a steal when Jimmy Butler punched the ball. As Tyler Herro made a three to give the Heat the lead. Jimmy Butler split his chance from the free throw.

Josh Richardson had a chance to tie the game but missed his first attempt from the foul line. The next one where he intends to miss it Ben Simmons ran then make a putback. The officials reviewed if there’s a violation but they count it.

In overtime, each team traded basket but Jimmy Butler finds a way to win made his second free throw. Tobias Harris had a chance to win with his wide-open corner three but missed it. The Sixers lost on the second straight night by one point, the last night against Orlando Magic.

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