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October 21, 2020

Utah Jazz front office is “very close” to Spurs

With the rumors of the relationship between Utah, Jazz All-Stars is doesn’t appear salvageable. The friction starts when Rudy Gobert tested positive of the COVID 19, then days later Donovan Mitchell got it. Which he believes the big man teammate infected him.

Fans following the drama that either one of them could be traded this offseason. Some of the Spurs fans love the idea that the quality of talent they can get once available to be traded. It adds to the excitement that Jazz Executive Vice President to the basketball operation is very closed to San Antonio Spurs. Dennis Lindsey is a former Vice President and Assistant General Manager of the Spurs which his family currently leaves in San Antonio. Head coach Quin Snyder was hired by Lindsey, prior to that he’s coaching the Austin Spurs and help them to win the championship in 2008. He also speaks about his relationship to RC Buford and Gregg Popovich, then thankful to Tim Duncan on why he got his current job.

Realistically, the Spurs had an asset to make a deal with the Utah Jazz. They had guys that set to expired their contracts, future picks, veterans, and young guys that can offer to a pr ven star.

Back to Dennis Lindsey, he helps the Spurs to create cap space in 2016 to sign an aging Pau Gasol at that time by making a trade to Boris Diaw. Lindsey is one of the architects to trade Goerge Hill in 2011.

Either Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert, the Spurs is a sure winner if they can pull it out.

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