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October 27, 2020

Upcoming Season will Determine Spurs Future


Coming to this season with a healthy squad. With a lot of hopes to make depth run comes April. Young guys will be able to do their part. Veterans will provide leadership and motivation. For the first time in years, the West is wide for anybody. No clear favorite to go all in, even the media hyping the Los Angeles teams.


A make or break for every Spur. They need to decide if they will extend Demar DeRozan or to chase him after the season. Defends on how he will contribute to the team. If how valuable he is for the future. DeRozan will likely seek a max contract. The front office will be careful to evaluate how much he worth it.

Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl will have a rookie extension comes October. The Spurs are relying on Dejounte how healthy and what part of his game he improves. He will be the starting point guard comes opening night. How does he fit with DeRozan and White? If he can extend his game outside of the paint the better.


LaMarcus Aldridge will be 35 after the season. The Spurs drafted Luka Samanic a project that they need in future years. The Spurs will likely to bid with the big man services who is rumored to a comeback with the Blazers. The main question is they’re ready to rely on Jakob Poeltl. The Spurs offense will rely heavily on the perimeter if no post player.


Lonnie Walker IV will start to make his name. He’s ready enough to takeover the small guard position? Walker had the potential and all he needed is playing time. To help his team better every game. Also, Bryn Forbes contract will expire at the end of the season. The front office had to decide how much they will pay him.

No matter how deep they will go. They properly evaluate everything. If their young is good enough to build and achieve the one ultimate goal. The three of them, Murray, White, and Walker are ready to make the splash in the years to come.

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