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October 25, 2020


The San Antonio Spurs thru the years is considered as the best sports organization in all of the sports.  Not to mention, they have the best winning percentage of .701 in the entire NBA a feat that’s hard to beat.


Moreover, the San Antonio Spurs have always had a deep roster amongst the NBA.  The front office has always managed to find hidden gems in the draft, both local and foreign players, which was not invariably the case of some NBA teams.

Uniquely, the San Antonio Spurs is also known for its deep assistant coaches, which are coveted amongst NBA teams.  These assistant coaches are also targeted by other NBA teams especially when their contracts are about to expire.

It is important to realize that under Coach Gregg Pop’s tutelage these several coaches have gained the reputation of being capable in a similar manner as Coach Pop’s. Below are just two of the long lists of personalities.

BRETT BROWN – Philadelphia 76ers

Brett Brown of the 76ers is now on his seventh year as head coach.  Coach Brown became the head coach of the 76ers in 2013 and since then he has trusted the process and has gained momentum.  

Another critical point to highlight with Coach Brown’s tenure with the Spurs are the four NBA titles he helped achieved (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007).  Coach Pop even stated admirable things about 76ers coaching in an interview.

“They executed better than we did,” Popovich said. “They moved the ball better than we did. It was very impressive. I thought they outplayed us in a lot of ways. Their grit, their hustle, their denying, their defensive aggressiveness was great. … Totally impressed with the Sixers.”(

MIKE BUDENHOLZER – Milwaukee Bucks

Coach Budenholzer became the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks during the 2013-2014 season, ending his 19 seasons with the Spurs as an assistant coach.  He then became the head coach of Milwaukee Bucks. 

Notably, on both occasions Coach Mike won the Coach of the year award, first with the Hawks (2014-2015) and second with the Milwaukee Bucks (2018-2019).  And on both occasions, Coach Mike stated appreciations with Coach Pop and the San Antonio Spurs Organization.

Lastly, every time the Spurs hire an assistant coach the whole NBA took notice and would probably try to hire them in the future, except of course if the name is Tim Duncan.

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