May 17, 2021

Under the radar free agent the Spurs should target

The Spurs don’t have enough money to sign big-time free agents this offseason if they will no move somebody.

Having one of the worst deals in the last offseason the front office should carefully take this time. The team timetable to return into contention is far from what do we wish. They’re rebuilding with this squad who got a lot of great potentials. The Spurs will pick at 11th this November 17th in the NBA Draft. Maybe this one will be a project once again like the organization did to previous guys.

One thing that the Spurs can look up to improve is in free agency. Even without a handful of talent and cap space in the market, there’s a lot of under the radar guys who can fit with the team to help the young guys to build another winning culture. Experts have mentioned that this free agency is among one of the worst. But it will always not about what they think it’s all about how a certain player works for his best and how the team gives them an opportunity.

Here are two of the most underrated unrestricted free agent that the Spurs can sign and can give them a chance to get better without paying too much.

Harry Giles III

This young man who played all of his two seasons in Sacramento Kings been buried by them on the bench. Harry Giles was been ranked second in the recruiting class back in 2016. He was projected to be in the lottery until injury of a bad knee derailed his career. The big man out of Duke University missed his rookie season after drafted 20th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers but shipped immediately to the Sacramento Kings. The Sacramento franchise has been one of the worst in the Western Conference that without a playoff appearance since 2006. Which means the front office had no idea how to build a guy recovering from injury. San Antonio Spurs had rumored before the trade deadline on inquiring of Harry Giles. In San Antonio, they had one of the best development programs far ahead of the others. The big man could play behind LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl if the latter will remain as a Spur. At 21, he can still be a good player in the league which he showed in the past two seasons. Giles played 46 games this last season with 17 starts. The Spurs are not on the rushed for a guy like Giles to contribute right away. The potential on both ends of the court is a great thing to invest with this man. A low-risk high reward guy.

Dario Saric

This one will be a free agent that the Phoenix Suns likely wants to retain. But with the Spurs culture, they can chase a guy like Saric. Dario Saric already played in his third team in his four seasons in the league. His numbers were down since his rookie year but his a valuable big man that can either play as a big man or like a guard. A good shooter that had a high basketball IQ who’s been in great competition both internationally and here in the NBA. The big man was such a good playmaker which can lead to a mismatch. The Phoenix Suns had a perfect 8-0 run behind Devin Booker in the bubble game and the Suns can convince him to stay but the Spurs had more potential as a team in the future which Saric likely to consider to be home.

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