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October 20, 2020

Unbelievable, Tim and Tony is only the eight best duo

One of the sports host named Adam Mares of the Locked NBA gives his takes if who is the best duo in the history of the league for the last two decades.

This is how he ranks from top to bottom.

  1. Kobe and Shaq
  2. LeBron and Davis
  3. Curry and Durant
  4. LeBron and Wade
  5. Curry and Thompson
  6. LeBron and Irving
  7. Durant and Westbrook
  8. Tim and Tony
  9. Kobe and Pau
  10. Amare and Nash

It was a total disrespect for the Spurs legends. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker have more championships than any of these guys. It could be arguably whoever on top against Shaq and Kobe but the Spurs did it in a beautiful way with a disadvantage to win in a small market team which hard to add a great supporting cast. Duncan and Parker never missed a playoff with 15 seasons of winning 50+ games. They combined to win three Finals MVP.

Putting too much hype with LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the second-best is a crazy thing. They yet to win on a regular basis playoff game on which pressure applies when they have a home and away games. LeBron and Wade had a great run but it’s always in the Eastern Conference which there is no great challenge until the NBA Finals. Given the fact that they have everything, the duo is still underachiever. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant also had a three straight NBA Finals appearance and win twice but they crippled the competition. The James and Irving duo is a kinda overrated thing. While Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was a disappointment in terms of winning a title.

The duo of Parker and Duncan win 131 playoffs win. They went to the NBA Finals five times and win four of them. Both guys helped to destroy a Lakers Dynasty in 2003. Also, a great run by beating a 49 win Denver Nuggets, 55 win Seattle SuperSonics, and the best in the league 62 wins Phoenix Suns. While completing the job done after dethroning the defending champion Detroit Pistons in seven games.

Here’s another fact, the Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker duo is among the winningest of all with 132 playoff wins for 15 years together.

People can put anybody who they want but they can’t deny the facts who are the best to do it all time. The worth of every number doesn’t lie for it.

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