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October 28, 2020

Type of fans when the Spurs struggle

The San Antonio Spurs found mortality in their last six games where all of these were losses. They’re below .500 for the first time since last year that they went 11- 14. Although there are only 14 games fans are arguing what to do. They have been thinking the front office needs to do something to had a better season.

Below are the types of fans when Spurs are losing.

Spoiled Fans

With the five titles that Tim Duncan brought to San Antonio. Some of these fans were been spoiled and they want to win every time. They think the Spurs aren’t mortals who can defeat everybody. Since the retirement of the big three, the chance to compete becomes slimmer. San Antonio is on a quite rebuild after the Kawhi Leonard trade.

General Manager Fans

These people discussed with the bad performance of every Spur. Talking who can be traded for the Spurs to compete. These guys can find a good player from other teams that think they can perfectly fit with the San Antonio. They lose their patience with somebody who played inconsistently on a nightly basis. These people wait for the Spurs to lose and made a comment on what is better for the franchise.

The Kawhi Bitch

These fans are Kawhi fanatic who believes that this man is really good. Yeah, he’s good, but he is really good? If good why asked for help with Paul George to be his other man? His fans speak badly about DeMar DeRozan, mocking, making fun of his shortcomings. The truth is Kawhi is a bitch who ruined the Spurs hope to be a contender. He’s a traitor when he said “I’m a Spur for life” while they had another agenda with his uncle. The bitch was quietly making 19 million for nine games and ignoring the Spurs.

Sinless Fans

A group of fans who committed themselves to San Antonio whatever happens. They never believe the negative things said about the Spurs. These guys never talk trash when they lose badly. They keep on believing that San Antonio is still the best thing in the world. Never ask for more whoever playing for the Spurs. Even the Spurs losing they still a winner because they believe they will bounce back again. They know San Antonio Spurs is committed to winning.

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