September 27, 2021

Trades that will make sense for the Spurs’

The San Antonio Spurs finished as the 10th seed in the west this season and missed another playoff appearance after a hard lose to the Memphis Grizzlies in the play in. This is the second consecutive season that they did not play a single game in the playoffs after making it for the last twenty two years. The Spurs have plenty of cap space this coming free agency projected to 47 million dollars. They also had their free agents with three of them who’s taking a lot of load at the teams rotation. The team’s leading scorer and number one facilitator DeMar DeRozan will be one of the best free agents in August. The twelve year veteran put great numbers with the team but came up short with aiming for playing in the playoffs. The team will receive the 12th pick this coming 2021 NBA Draft. San Antonio has been rumored that they will trade either Dejounte Murray and Derrick White the Spurs top perimeter defenders. After DeRozan appeared at Shannon Sharpe podcast which he opened up that he wants to compete in championship contender team at this moment of his career. Multiple teams like Lakers, Clippers, Bulls and Knicks expressed interest with signing DeRozan. But only the New York Knicks had the capabilities to sign him without giving up a lot of assets. After a great run with Julius Randle they will try to get DeRozan to help them and maybe another All Star to form a their own Big Three while having their young squad.

Let’s breakdown the teams who wants DeMar DeRozan to join the roster via sign and trade.

Los Angeles Clippers receives DeMar DeRozan

Spurs Received Terrance Mann, Luke Kennard and Serge Ibaka (sign and trade)

The Clippers doesn’t have any assets compare to other teams, but this trade could be a good one for both teams. DeMar DeRozan will likely help getting rid off some pressure to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George with his playmaking ability. Either the three of them will not get a lot of work load playing for 82 games. This is the best time for the Clippers to a win now mode after a great run when they reached the Western Conference Finals even without Leonard. While the West and the rest of league are improving every year, these Clippers best duo is on their 30s. It’s easy to find a sniper in the market which is more cheaper than Luke Kennard. Also a healthy DeMarcus Cousins is much better than Serge Ibaka. At the same time they need to pay Leonard and Reggie Jackson who’s been a big factor on their recent run. Losing Terrance Mann was a huge loss but they can’t get another good player with DeRozan caliber if they don’t sacrifice young guys especially when you don’t have a pick until 2027.

While in San Antonio, having a center who can shoot with long range is the best option if they can’t get a player like John Collins this offseason. Serge Ibaka can still be a productive player playing for 20 minutes per game and can body up a lot of players but because of injury he’s productivity is continuously declining. He’s a 36% shooter from the arc which the Spurs most important need this season, Ibaka isn’t shy on taking threes. The Luke Kennard situation could be a good thing for San Antonio even though start his 4 year 60 million extension. It’s a good compliment with any Spurs young slashers having a shooter around that is very deadly outside the paint. It’s an upgrade if they had this guy than taking another contract for either Rudy Gay or Patty Mills who chucks more shots than any Spurs young guns. Then the best thing with this trade is Terrance Mann which is the Clippers second round hero. Even though he’s still raw, he’s the guy that Spurs need with a lot of toughness on the wing while not being scared of any challenge offensively. Mann shined in the big moments when his named was called. On his second season Mann improved on every part of his game. He’s only 24 year old kid and shows a lot of potential either offense or at the defensive end, and they can really improve San Antonio as a team.

Chicago Bulls receives DeMar DeRozan

Spurs Receives Lauri Markannen, Thaddeus Young and a 2022 second round pick

With the Bulls made the midseason trade for Nikola Vucevic, Lauri Markannen role was deminished. The former seventh pick has been vocal that he wants to play with other team who can value his talent, and that team was the San Antonio Spurs’. The 7 foot finnish forward can catch and shoot outside the arc, can isolate in the paint, and rebound aswell. The big man from Finland, can help the Spurs on that area. He’s young and very talented, the only thing he needs to become successful is a good franchise that can utilize his ability and believes onwhat he can do inside the court.The Chicago Bulls need another scorer that can help Zach Lavine with another guard scorer Coby White and that’s when DeRozan comes in,so that they can make a run for the NBA Championship.

Los Angeles Lakers receives DeMar DeRozan

Spurs receives Kyle Kuzma, Montrezz Harrell and the 22nd pick of 2021 NBA Draft

DeMar DeRozan’s loves to play for his hometown for this time while also having the best odds to win a ring. He’s willing to take less money to compete for a championship. The Lakers believed they can snatch DeRozan and his bestfriend Kyle Lowry which can give them the opportunity to win another NBa title. LeBron James is 36 next season which means the window for the Lakers championship is closing. The organization making one last run with him before his body totally give up. While for San Antonio Spurs, they will get Kyle Kuzma who can play the power forward position into a small ball which address the Spurs needs which is shooting. The Spurs had interest on him back on the NBA Draft but he was picked before he could even land at the Spurs at 29th. Maybe he isn’t the best defender but he give the Spurs opening at lane with his talent. He’s still a young guy who could improve more of his game. Then Montrezz Harrell will give the Spurs points off the bench at the center position. He’s on the last year of his contract worth 9 million that he mentioned before that he will pick up his player option. Another pick in the first round could be an additional asset for the San Antonio Spurs.

With these three teams, only the Chicago Bulls make sense. Both can win in the trades base on teams need, DeRozan had a lot of years ahead of him it will be fun together with Zach Lavine. They can make a good run in the Eastern Conference as they had Nikola Vucevic, Coby White and Patrick Williams. While the Spurs will try to make an experiment with Lauri Markkanen.

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