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October 19, 2020

Trade Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge to TrailBlazers makes sense

Regarding the article by Hoops Hype about the best destination of LaMarcus Aldridge with some teams in the Western Conference seems interested. Some executive said that there are playoffs teams that willing to make a run for the All-Star big man. They prefer the Denver Nuggets the second-best team in the West as his destination. Also mentioned Portland, Sacramento, and Phoenix is an ideal landing spot.

This thing will make sense if San Antonio Spurs will keep on losing until January. With these four teams, only Trail Blazers make sense as they can have a run for the service of Aldridge. He is a former Blazer for his first nine years in the association. They had an asset who can help lure LaMarcus Aldridge. Unlike the Denver that said they can offer Mason Plumlee and Malik Beasley. The Spurs had Jakob Poeltl with the same skills and role but cheaper than Mason. While the Phoenix doesn’t have a good combination to pull the trigger. On the other hand, Sacramento Kings can make a run if they had to give up Bogdan Bogdanovic.

The Blazers asset of Hassan Whiteside, Zach Collins and a future first-round pick is too good to pass up. Aldridge had good chemistry with Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum which his teammates before. As he also a good fit for Jusuf Nurkic which can make them a real threat from the perimeter to the paint.

While the San Antonio Spurs could build around Jakob Poeltl as the legit big man. Zach Collins is a great addition as a young, athletic and can score from any part of the court. He steps ups against the Denver Nuggets as they beat in seven to reach the Western Conference Finals. Zach Collins is perfect next to Jakob as he extends himself up to the arc. Imagine the guards can kick out the ball to him at the three. While Whiteside can go after the season as he is in the last year of his contract. Spurs can move him also before the deadline to any playoff teams for a second-round pick. Another good deal is the future first-round pick with this deal. They can add pieces from the draft that can fit the team.

This rumor has been back up by Yahoo Sports yet to verified.

With Aldridge’s gone, the Spurs can save financially as they had to offer it to DeMar DeRozan. The big man is already 34 and with one year left on his contract after the season. The Spurs need another big who can work his ass on the paint to give the team points. That’s why Zach Collins is the best deal if these things come true.

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