August 4, 2021

Trade idea: Boston-Spurs went all in for multiple All-Stars

The Boston Celtics reached the Conference Finals leading by a young duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown before losing to the Miami Heat in six games. The team’s biggest weakness was from the frontcourt after they were outmatched by Bam Adebayo in the paint. To be more competitive, the Celtics need to upgrade in the said position. There are multiple big that could be available depends on how much they will give up. There’s one big in the Western Conference played for San Antonio Spurs LaMarcus Aldridge who’s in the last year of his contract. At 35 years old he’s still competitive and has an edge against other big men in the league.

The San Antonio Spurs are on a mini rebuild with their young roster so makes some changes is a must. When giving up veteran guys, there should have young assets and drafts pick attached. Boston Celtics can trade Gordon Hayward via sign and trade, Marcus Smart, Daniel Theis, Romeo Langford, Boston Celtics 14th pick, and 2021 first-round pick. While the Spurs gave up LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan via sign and trade, and Rudy Gay.

It was rumored that Gordon Hayward likely ends up with Indiana Pacers probably in exchange for Victor Oladipo. But it could make sense for the Celtics if they send Hayward to the West rather than to be rival in the East. Plus given the facts that Spur guys can give the Boston the most upside compared to Victor Oladipo. DeMar DeRozan proved himself to be among the best player in the Eastern Conference back on his Raptors days. The guy from Compton, California never missed a big amount of basketball since his rookie year. DeRozan can be the third option for the Celtics in terms of scoring while being a secondary playmaker behind Kemba Walker. Having impressive guys like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown who can score anytime, it’s a luxury to have another option that can take over when others having off nights. Marcus Smart contribution will be missed but a lot of young guys can replace it. Like Jaylen Brown who needs to be a leader for his team, Smart energy could be replaced by the guys like Grant Williams. Sometimes Smart being too vocal creates havoc for his team rather than help. Also, have a big man named LaMarcus Aldridge could be huge on their goal. The veteran can still challenge much younger guys like Joel Embiid and Bam Adebayo on both ends of the court. A good shooter from the arc that made 40% of it, been effective either on the post, midrange, and picks, and pop. Aldridge can have a huge number with 16 points and 8 rebounds per game. The six-time All-Star has been solid defensively which the Celtics needs. The points in the paint that they missed big time against the Miami Heat will be filled by Aldridge. Also, a bonus for having a scorer off the bench with Rudy Gay is an advantage that very important to the Boston postseason run on which they shortened the rotation. A proven scorer with high basketball IQ on how to take advantage of everything.

For the Spurs getting Gordon Hayward in return could lead the team in scoring like the way he did in Utah Jazz. With a history of serious injuries, Hayward can prolong his NBA career with the way San Antonio will use him. In Spurs uniform, he could be back on his old self as an All-Star. The Spurs will benefit from Gordon Hayward if he will continue to get healthy. While having Marcus Smart could be an asset that they can sell for any contending teams. The Spurs’ priority is to add talent to that young roster. Additional drafts pick is always huge for a team that has been perfect in terms of scouting and drafting guys. Getting a consolation player for the guys who’s on the wrong side of their prime is a win for San Antonio.

For the Boston Celtics, they rightly need it now. Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brows was still young, but the pressure to win is badly needed.

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