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October 30, 2020

Tough moment for Manu Ginobili’s career

The Spurs guard is the most fearless guy in the court for San Antonio. Manu doesn’t care about his body, he sacrificed it for the success of his team. He played with a broken elbow or broken nose in the playoffs just to help his team. A proven winner in any competition of basketball. Sacrifice his numbers to make his team much better.

With his amazing career, Ginobili became the most popular Spur. But he had his tough moment that his two eyes been a witness. I got some list that hard for Manu to swallow after his team lost.

Game 5, 2004 against Los Angeles Lakers Second Round

The most important possession which the Spurs need one more stop to take the series lead. With .4 second left in the game after Tim Duncan hit a fadeaway shot to give the Spurs a one-point lead with 73-72. The Spurs suffered two straight losses after blowing out the Lakers for the first two games. The defending champion Spurs facing the former three feat Lakers leading by Shaq and Kobe. While this play is unbelievable as Derek Fisher made a shot with a turnaround over the outstretched arms over Manu Ginobili. The Spurs never recovered themselves in game six.

Game 7 2006 against Dallas Mavericks Second Round

The Spurs fought their way back in this game to take a lead in the final seconds. Same on how they fought back in the series after they down 3-1. With Tim Duncan having an incredible game, to make a comeback then Manu hit a three in the remaining 20 seconds of the game he quickly takes an ill-advised foul against Dirk Nowitzki for a three-point play. Then he missed a game-winning series. Spurs lost to the overtime despite having home-court advantage.

Game 2 2014 against Dallas Mavericks First Round

The Spurs up by two with dying seconds to take a 2-0 lead but Vince Carter found a way to take a corner three over Manu Ginobili. The series went to seven games but the Spurs win it in game seven with a huge advantage.

Game 3 2006 against Sacramento Kings First round

A one-point lead for the Spurs with a ball in their hands with 27 seconds remaining. With full 24 seconds to waste in the clock, Ginobili just needs proper timing to take a shot. Instead, he turns the ball over giving enough time for the Kings to make a game-winning attempt. Which the Kings take advantage of transition and Kevin Martin made a game-winning layup as the time expired. Ginobili mentioned this moment at Tim Duncan’s retirement. Luckily, for the Spurs, they took this series in five games.

Game Six 2013 against Miami Heat NBA Finals

With a game away to their fifth title Manu Ginobili played his worst in his NBA Finals career. Turning the ball over too much in dying seconds. Adding to the insult, he missed one free throw to seal the game. If Ginobili played clutch like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker the Spurs won’t suffer one of the worst losses in their franchise history. The Heat forced overtime by Ray Allen’s three-point shot and they win the game. The game seven went toe to toe until the final seconds which the Miami Heat rise up.

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