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October 23, 2020

For the longest time, it’s LeBron James and Kevin Durant is battling as a top dog in NBA. The two were the finals MVP when their team wins the championship. With new MVP Giannis Antetotoukoumnpo making his name. Also Kawhi Leonard a finals MVP and led the Raptors to his first championship.

These our guys who still a top-five talent in the league.

  1. LeBron James

For the first time since 2011, James didn’t make the finals. He missed 27 games last season due to injury most of his career. James was the most important in the Lakers uniform now. He is still a dominant force his offense and defense is what his team needs. LeBron can win MVP this season if he can stay healthy. It’s an automatic playoff for the Lakers. At age 34, he can give his team a 27,7,7 per game.

2. Stephen Curry

With Kevin Durant out in Warriors uniform after he signed with the Nets. Plus Klay Thompson injury that return isn’t yet set. Expects Curry to double his production. He will lead his team to carry them in the playoffs. The former MVP will look for another MVP season. Don’t get surprised if he led the league in scoring.

3. Giannis Antetotoukoumnpo

The reigning MVP is just starting to make his name. He led the Milwaukee Bucks with the best record last season. The Greek Freak did his damage most in the paint. If he can develop an outside shot maybe he will be the most unstoppable force. Offensively he needs to find to score in many ways.

4. James Harden

The MVP two years ago made a record for consecutive 30 point game. He is the only player in the league to attempt 10 three points, 10 free throws in the last two seasons. If Harden can fit his game to Westbrook and help the Rockets get success. Then he could be the best player.

5. Kawhi Leonard

The finals MVP had arguments to be the best player in the league. But his injury limit to put on that level. If he managed to stay healthy and help the Clippers to put on top he will take the crown.

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