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October 25, 2020

Top 50 Players should be measured by winning not putting numbers

With the Bleacher Report listed their Top 50 of All Time the Spurs had named four. It was Tim, Dave, Manu, and George. I got surprised at Tony Parker’s exclusion. The Bleacher Report team listed him as one of the honorable mentions.

The website used metrics to deter everyone. Because Parker had no eye-popping numbers just like others. These four point guards who listed which he played and beaten in playoffs. Russell Westbrook, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and Chris Paul. These point guards had combined for one championship and three MVPs.

The French point guard wins four titles and went to the NBA Finals five times. Okay, people will say it’s because he had Tim Duncan. Parker was the best player of the Spurs in the last three finals. Tony Parker was the first European Finals MVP in 2007. He battled with Steve Nash on many playoffs games and he won all of it with the exception of 2010. Same with Chris Paul they overcome in 2008 and swept in 2012.

Most NBA players can put big numbers because of the usage they had. For example, Russell Westbrook took the ball for almost 20 seconds. Numbers are just a front but you need to take a look every possession what exactly happened. Take a look at Tracy McGrady numbers it’s something special. If they keep going that way even James Harden or LeBron James can surpass Michael Jordan’s greatness. There are things like point guards doing in the game that no statistics. Putting your guys in the right position to score.

In a game four win of 2014 NBA Finals, Gregg Popovich quoted to Tony Parker as a great leader even not scoring big numbers he helps his teammates better and most importantly win the game.

Greatness should be measured by winning with the toughest completion. Face and beat the best to be on top not to join the best team. Then after winning you can say you’re the greatest.

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