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October 19, 2020

Tony Parker should be an inspiration to the current Spurs

The current Spurs is in the struggle against a good team in the league. Three of four losses came from a contender team with a lot of talent. They haven’t figure out how to be consistent. Big man LaMarcus Aldridge is a big part of that struggle. The young point guards played great but need to keep boost their confidence. Marco Belinelli had a worst start over his pro career. Lonnie Walker IV can’t find consistent minutes for him while Demarre Carroll stayed on the bench most of the time than playing out of his contract.

With the jersey retirement of Tony Parker, he should serve as an inspiration to the Spurs team. The Spurs legend point guard was an unknown kid from Paris France who just wants to play in the NBA. Parker was been underappreciated outside the city of San Antonio. People won’t even mention him as one of the best point guards of this generation. The media won’t give him the credit because Parker had Duncan and Ginobili to play with him. But the reality is Tony Parker was the Spur’s best player from 2007 to 2014. He leads his team in 2007 and promised Tim Duncan to make a return trip to the finals which they made twice and win again in 2014. Parker also leads his hometown France to win a Eurocup title in 2013.

Tony Parker is an example of a good story for the Spurs today. Which they really received a lot of criticism, they are the most underappreciated team in the league for the last 3 years. Like Parker, a prospect who physically beaten in one workout which Gregg Popovich witnessed but never give up that he up to the challenges for the second chance. Parker is a point guard who can’t shoot but the very second year used his quickness to make himself and his team better and win it all. Tony Parker has been on the bench when the Spurs closed out the series against the New Jersey Nets. That was the last time he rides on the bench because the next four finals trip he leads the Spurs. Most of the best point guard in the league that Tony Parker faced, he beat them all.

Like the San Antonio Spurs who have inconsistencies, they were receiving a lot of fire from the people or from Spurs fans literally. The only thing that can make them better is to beat the odds every year. Work hard to keep their bodies in the best shape to overcome those teams who’s been hype by media.

The team had potential to he good to great. They need a leader, an inspiration to bring back the fire which the city of San Antonio had before.

The battle is just starting, they are in the race with the great team today. The Spur’s front office timeline to release the best weapon they had is on their side. They can be used every year to be a motivation to figure out the way Tony Parker did in his career as a Spur.

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