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October 27, 2020

Tony Parker Playoff Records against top Point guards

The San Antonio Spurs legend retired in basketball. With the accolades, he had and winning season. Parker isn’t in the all-time of point guards of his era. Even all of this point was beaten by Tony people think it’s because of Duncan.

Let’s take a look at how he competed against others in the playoffs. Where they competed in the next level every second. Only Derrick Rose wasn’t included because he played in the East. The statistic isn’t included.

Parker vs Nash

Parker 5-1

They had a rivalry in early 2000. Steve Nash a two time MVP with the Suns. But Parker wins in every series they faced. First in Dallas where the Spurs won in West Finals. Even as a member of Phoenix Suns had the same result in Parker’s favor. The Canadian point guard just won in 2010 via swept. The last one is in 2012, Nash was a Laker and swept in the first round.

Parker vs Kidd

Parker 2-1

Jason Kidd was a top point guard in the league when Parker making a name for himself. The first meeting was in the Finals, Kidd led the Nets. Although Parker has yet to make a splash. He had his moment in the Finals. The Spurs won that series in six games. They faced again each other when Kidd was a Maverick. They upset the Spurs in 2009 where Ginobili is out of the series. In 2010, the Spurs change the favor as a seventh seed.

Parker vs Westbrook

Westbrook 2-1

The Oklahoma City Thunder starting to make noise in the league. In 2012, the Spurs lost four straight after leading the series 2-0. Thunder loss in the Finals against Miami LeBron. They had a great trio of Harden, Durant, and Westbrook. For the second time in 2014, the Spurs win it and take the title that year. Parker quickness and basketball IQ vs relentless athleticism of Westbrook. In 2016, the Spurs loss in semifinals. The series had a lot of missed calls who can change the result.

Parker vs Paul

Parker 2-1

The first meeting was a closed one that went to seven games. In 2008, the year that Paul was an MVP candidate and Parker on his prime. The Spurs win a closed game seven in New Orleans. When Chris Paul traded to the Clippers the Spurs swept them in the second round of 2012 playoffs. Paul just won one series in 2015 that went into a battle until finals seconds. Where Paul need a clutch layup to win on game seven.

Parker vs Curry

Curry 2-1

The Warriors a surprised in playoffs when they upset the Nuggets in 2013. Parker was the best player of this year. As he led the Spurs in the Finals. The series was a closed one that needs six games. Curry starting to make his name the very next year they started to a dynasty. In 2017 and 2018 when they faced, the Spurs are no longer the same. Parker didn’t play in 2017 West finals who injured himself the earlier round. If the Zaza incident didn’t happen maybe had a different result. In 2018 Parker isn’t the same after the injury and Spurs barely made the playoffs.

Parker had some battles against Iverson, Billups, Lillard, and Deron Williams. All won by Parker. Again the point is why the media giving too much hype with some of this. This happens in his prime where he is a top Spurs player.

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