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January 17, 2021

To Sports Illustrated that called Spurs “old farts” f— you

With the eighth place in the Western Conference is on race one of the SI writers calls San Antonio old farts. The guy named Rohan Nadkarni.

This what he said about the Spurs.

I’m sorry you old farts, your time is done. The Spurs would probably give the No. 1 seed a decent fight because they’re a well-coached, veteran-laden squad. But we don’t need to see San Antonio in the playoffs anymore or at least this iteration. Sure, the Spurs actually have a top-ten offense, but they shoot the fewest threes in the league, which means we’re forced to watch them try to beat teams with a thousand paper cuts. I respect San Antonio for not jumping headfirst into a reset after trading away Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs’ insistence on remaining competitive however doesn’t mean they’re excited to watch, and the playoffs would be more interesting with some new blood. Let’s give Pop some time to chill before the Olympics. Maybe he can make a cameo on Terrace House instead of drawing up gameplans.

Come on man, you’re a much better professional writer than me and earned thousands of dollars in your profession. Put some respects on the name of the best franchise in sports for more than two decades.

The Spurs is half a game behind for an eighth seed, played less two games. Yes, the Spurs are top five as the team oldest age in the league but we had six 25 below that the franchise build on. They are not a bunch of triple-double machines as you want to watch but they committed to play both ends of the court.

Spurs record about the teams you mention in a playoff race.

1-2 Memphis

1-0 Suns, Kings and Pelicans

0-2 Wolves

1-1 Blazers

Against the top teams in the league.

0-2 Lakers, Mavericks

1-1 Houston

1-2 Clippers

1-0 Celtics and Bucks both dominated

So if you rely on analytics fuck off. The Spurs are playing better basketball this January with a 3-2 record. Let’s talk a lot of farts when you come out and tell what’s the success of your team compared to ours.

Before we end fuck you, your name like an Iranian terrorist.

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