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October 22, 2020

To maximize Dejounte Murray’s potential Spurs need to move DeRozan out

This season is the worst campaign of the San Antonio Spurs for more than two decades. Without an All-Star power, it’s obvious that a great run will come into an end. But they can avoid a losing season if the coaching staff led by Gregg Popovich distribute the minutes well. The result is 27-36 for the Spurs settled for 12th place in the Western Conference.

After winning the All-Defensive team by Dejounte Murray in 2018 and taking over the starting point guard duty from the legend Tony Parker, Spurs expected a lot from the kid. But a preseason game that tore his ACL pauses his development for the moment. Even he struggled as a point guard this season, Murray showed how good he is. After he signed an extension before the season starts it’s right for the Spurs to give Murray more chances to contribute. This season, he got 11 points, 6 boards, and 4 assists per game. The only bad about his game is the turnover as he threw the ball 2 times per game. His excellency is the defense that makes him special as he steals the ball twice every game.

Dejounte Murray did it in a limited time under 25 minutes. When he’s on the court, he’s the fourth option in the offense. Murray named as a point guard but he’s only second to DeRozan as a creator. With Bryn Forbes and DeRozan as a starter, Murray needs to shoulder the responsibility on the defensive end. For DeRozan, he’s an unwillingness to shoots from the arc isn’t a good fit with Murray’s style.

The former All-Star relies on games in the midrange and slashing the ball to be effective. Without DeRozan, Murray performed at the next level. He achieved his career-best game when DeMar’s sit out against the Oklahoma City Thunder with Chris Paul in his front. To add in his effectiveness the Spurs need a guy who can shoot at least average from the arc.

Without DeRozan, it’s Lonnie Walker IV likely to start. This kid has a potential that can play elite defense. With a guy who can help Murray in the perimeter, the Spurs guard likely to lessen his workload defensively. Which he can give more time on the offensive end.

Murray is only 23 that has a lot of room for improvement. With a guy who’s a style isn’t fit for more ball movement, the bright future getting delayed. Murray isn’t afraid to shoots from the three even it’s his weakness. The 62 million investment should get more responsibility. The front office can’t get it if they will not give Dejounte more appearance on the court especially if the guy he replaced is a legend. The more minutes he’s in, the more points he saved, the development gets faster good results.

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