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October 31, 2020

Time to let others play and limit Marco’s minutes

The Italian shooter was instrumental in Spurs uniform on the 2014 title run. Marco Bellinelli made one big shot to stop the momentum of Miami Heat on Game three of the NBA Finals. He was a perfect fit at that time because the Spurs had two premiere defensive wizards in perimeter with Green and Kawhi. Tim Duncan a huge factor also in the rim.

Unlike now, the Spurs are working to make the defense better. They had a talent that loves to play isolation. This means they need the ball on their hands more time to be efficient offensively. The bad is they had inconsistencies on which they need to be great as a team on the court.

Marco Bellinelli is a weakness on the defensive side of basketball. His lack of effort off the ball to help was questionable. He can’t guard the passing lane, he’s physically bullied. The veteran gave up offensive rebounds which lead to second-chance points.

Enter Demarre Carrol which can give the Spurs versatility on defense. To correct Carroll isn’t an elite talent on defense these days but he is much better. His effort to make his team better every second is on his DNA. Carroll still a good 3 and D shooter. With him on the court, they will minimize defensive mistakes. He can play on whoever with him in the court as he moves pretty well without the ball. Defensively he can guard three positions and even power forwards in a small ball.

The Lonnie Walker IV who needs confidence in his game. He barely was seen on the court which he played only two minutes previously. The kid from Reading had the potential to be a good player. If Popovich wants him to produce it’s time to cut Marco Bellinelli minutes. Giving Walker ten minutes per game will build him slowly. The kid is athletic and physically gifted who played exceptional defense.

Spurs need to give a fight for every game to stay competitive. Their All-Stars isn’t great as the Spurs big three in the past. Western Conference is a dogfight, they are depth. Anybody can win, they can beat each other. Other teams had this star power who can take over games. If they want to get better they need to start on their effort to play elite defense. Marco can’t give the Spurs that, but Demarre Carroll and Lonnie Walker IV are always there to show it up even the offense sometimes looks bad. Most of the team’s now don’t emphasis the importance of it but at the end of the day, they need a stop. That stop can get from an individual who is excellent on reading defense.

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