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October 23, 2020

Tim Duncan: The weirdest trash talker

When it comes to trash-talking we always put first the name of Michael Jordan, Gary Payton, and Reggie Miller who played in the great era of basketball. Also, Kobe Bryant talks about trash using a foreign language. While Kevin Garnett’s way is to insult opponents like what he did against Charlie Villanueva of Detroit Pistons and Carmelo Anthony back in New York days. The most popular nowadays is Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green.

Tim Duncan is different from all of them, he’s a quiet type of person. A boring personality which opponent had no idea what he’s thinking. They described Duncan as a good man on the court that like a saint that can’t do bad about them. Remember, he’s ejected once in his career for laughing. Oh, Joey Crawford.

But there are guys who can prove that Tim Duncan is the weirdest trash talker of the game. When Kevin Love is a rookie in 2008 playing for Minnesota Timberwolves he talks about the guys he been to match up. “One night I would be going up against Dirk Nowitzki,” Love says. “Then the next night it would be Kevin Garnett.”

But Love impressed the most with Duncan, as he faced the five time champion on the fourth game of his NBA career. When the Spurs all-time great work with him early to show his signature bank shots.

“He didn’t really talk much,” Love says. “He put the ball off the glass and I was like, ‘Man, what can I even do about that,’ and Tim said, ‘Young fella, there’s really not much you can do.’”

Draymond Green which known for engaging in trash talk had his moment with Duncan.

“The guy I’d never waste my breath on? Tim Duncan. As a rookie, I tried talking junk to Tim, and he was like a tree staring back at me. [Laughs] No expression. I said, “All right. It’s over.” Never talked junk to him again. After that, anytime he fell, I’d be the first person to help him up, like I was his teammate.”

Steven Adams the Oklahoma City Thunder also learned his lesson about talking to Tim Duncan.

“He’s not really crazy athletic, but he like, destroys you, and he’s a nice guy. That was my biggest mistake as a rookie. I was hitting him all the time and he was having trouble with it. And then he came over and talked to me a bit. He was like, ‘Hey man, how are you?’ And I was like ‘Oh, what a nice guy.’ And then he just dropped 20 from there on. I told (assistant coach Mark Bryant) and he was like, that’s a vet move. Don’t do that. You can’t be nice.”

After that moment Adams have a game plan against Timmy. ” I don’t talk to him. He tries to talk to me. I’m stone-faced looking at something else just trying to ignore him. That’s my game plan.”

With a degree in Psychology at Wake Forest, he used this as an advantage. Duncan did a trash talk by not hurting the opponent using verbal abuse. He likes to be a nice guy who can’t do harmful things. But that’s his way to dominate opponent by being a nice guy.

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